History of ARI History of ARI

Key milestones in the ARI success story

  • 1950   
    ARI-Armaturen GmbH & Co.KG established by Albert Richter. The product range comprises cast iron straightway valves in PN 16 from DN 15 to DN 100
  • 1952   
    Acquisition of the company with its 8 staff and 100 products by Brechmann-Guss GmbH & Co. KG
  • 1958    
    ARI has 60 staff on the payroll; the product range expands to 300 items. ARI decides to participate in the shipbuilding industry as a growth market
  • 1968   
    The market is extended again to heating and mining applications. ARI forges its first contacts with customers in industrial equipment, plant manufacturing and processing technology
  • 1969   
    New facility opens in Homberg (Efze); approximately 130 staff there specialise in valves with large nominal diameters up to DN 500
  • 1970   
    New ARI products: FABA stop valves and STEVI control valves. With the launch of the new control valve the target group now includes industry
  • 1980   
    New ARI product: SAFE safety valves
  • 1988   
    New ARI product: ASTRA flow regulating valves
  • 1999   
    AWH Armaturenwerke Halle GmbH joins the ARI group. Established over a century ago in 1878, the company manufactures steam traps and compact manifolds
  • 1999   
    New addition to the ARI portfolio: CONA steam traps
  • 2002   
    Acquisition of Wittler Armaturen GmbH. This fittings manufacturer with its own metal foundry was established in 1913 and is specialised in control valves for HVAC systems
  • 2007   
    Extension of the ARI Logistics Centre
  • 2008   
    New application engineering technology: PREsys, CORsys, ENCOsys
  • 2011   
    Acquisition of Comeval S.L., Spain
  • 2012   
    Acquisition of Valvosteel s.r.l., Italy
  • 2012   
    New ARI product: ZETRIX process valves
  • 2013   
    Acquisition of JV AR Safety Systems LP, USA (API 526 safety valves, Section VIII)
  • 2014    
    Acquisition of Steamline LLP, India
  • 2015
    Portfolio Extension: ZETRIX double flange 28“-48“, lug type up to 24”
  • 2016
    Acquisition of Bermo Válvulas e Equipamentos Industriais Ltda, Brazil