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Chemical Industry

The majority of the products manufactured by our highly developed society – from everyday items through highly specialised machinery to drugs – would be unthinkable without the chemical industry.
The individual sectors and production processes in the chemical industry may be extremely diverse, yet against the background of rising energy costs energy efficiency is a top priority for any chemical company that wants to stay competitive. The ability of the production processes to keep running day and night without any problems is a critical success factor.

With its advanced valve technology and support services, ARI-Armaturen has been a strong partner for more than sixty years – and all manufacturing operations still take place in Germany!

ARI offers a carefully coordinated system of product solutions plus a worldwide network of sales partners who can be reached 24/7 for all services linked to control, isolation, safety and steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media. We advise and supply to customers in almost all branches of the chemical industry – such as polymers, petrochemicals, inorganic basic chemicals, fine and speciality chemicals, detergents and personal care products, pharmaceuticals, basic organic products, etc. In addition to energy efficiency and products that never let you down, we also help numerous companies in the chemical industry slash their energy bills with sustainable condensate management concepts.

Steam and thermal oil are just two of the heat transfer media in which we are recognised experts. Our valves are also used in conjunction with more than seven hundred other media.